-- RandyPorter? - 22 Jun 2007

June 22, 2007 Meeting

Bob Vitale, Kevin Foisie and Jose de la Cruz to of Ackerman Practicon (the firm doing feasibility study of buildings A,B,C at 2300 Delaware) to discuss feasibility study of robotics facility in the corp yard of building C. Also attending: RP, Rhonda Tramble & Jim Sherman.

Jose indicated that the proposed pre-engineered sheds will need to be limited to use as storage only. The reason is that all structures in the corp yard are considered part of Building C, and if they were to be occupied or used as shops, it would trigger the requirement for an ADA upgrade for the entire complex. Similarly, it will probably not be possible to use the existing corp yard buildings as shops as proposed because that, too, could trigger ADA for the entire building. It will probably be necessary to submit the proposed sheds to the DSA for ADA evaluation. The sheds will probably need to be sprinklered.

None of the above is certain until the feasibility study is completed. Next step is for a fee proposal from Jose; SOE will fund the study.

Sven Davis asked if we want to improve security in the corp yard. he will send us an email asking this question, so we can forward to Gabe.

Other issues: Jose indicated that Building C will be given a B or S occupancy rating and that B will be better than an L occupancy rating because the size of Bldg C exceeds 20,000 sq. ft. The new L occupancy ratings are limited to 20,000 asf. Jose said that H-2 occupancy control areas can be established within a B occupancy but are limited to 100 asf. (Not clear whether 100 sq. ft. is limit for any given control area or for an entire building).

Bob suggestion: install sheds and wait for ADA upgrade of Bldg C, at which time, will be able to use the existing shops.