Lab Hazard Assessment Tool Information

** Lab Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) **

PIs should complete by Dec 31, 2013.
Principal Investigtors should complete the UC Lab Hazard Assessment Tool by December 31, 2013.  This to allow your laboratory staff time to enter into the system and complete their requirements in time to attend the personel protective equipment (PPE) distribution event on January 22 & 23, 2014.

LHAT helps Principal Investigators
(a) identify & document laboratory hazards
(b) specify required personal protection equipment (PPE)
(c) train and document training of lab staff.

UCOP will provide PPE to lab staff provided completion of LHAT is done by lab staff prior to the bulk distribution event on 1/22 & 1/23 2014.  PIs should complete their assessment portions by December 31, 2013, to allow time for lab staff to complete their parts.

Frequently Asked Questions About LHAT

For busy PIs, EH&S has said the PI can login and do initial registration and then invite a designate (such as Lab Safety Rep or LSR) to the lab roster. The designate (e.g. LSR) can then accept the invite, login and complete the hazard assessment.

Once the LHAT is completed by the PI or designate, lab personnel need be 'invited' into the tool by the PI or designate.  Lab personnel then log into the LHAT tool, review the lab hazards and recommended PPE specific to their lab and take a short quiz.  Upon completion, lab personnel print out a voucher in order to receive UCOP provided PPE at the bulk distribution event January 22 & 23, 2014.

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