UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Training

Background On Training

To comply with UC Office of the President Laboratory Safety Policies, the Vice Chancellor of Research has instructed that all personnel with access to laboratories must complete the Online UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals course by the end of Fall Quarter 2013.  This training will be required to be refreshed every 3 years for any personnel with access to laboratories.  Vice Chancellor of Research Scott Brandt's Letter

How to find the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Training

Training is found online at the UC Learning Center and is called;  "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals"  eCourse  Code SC-EHS-UCLSF-ECO.  

After logging into UC Learning Center, using search box in upper left corner, Search on "Laboratory Safety Fundamentals", then under the Topic "Laboratory Safety for Research Personnel", click on "View Subactivities".   You should find three courses listed;  eCourse "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals";   eCourse "Laboratory Safety Refresher and "ILT Course Lab Safety-Refresher".   If this is your first time, select the "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals ecourse SC-EHS-UCLSF-ECO".   If you are taking your refresher (3 years) then select the "ECourse Laboratory Safety Refresher  eCourse SC-UCLOL0019-ECO"

Required  Training 

eCourse Name eCourse Number
Initial Training UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals SC-EHS-UCLSF-ECO
Refresher Laboratory Safety Refresher SC-UCLOL0019-ECO


Detailed Instructions on Accessing UC Learning Center and UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Training

Here are EH&S instructions to get to this training.  If you are on UCSC regular payroll (faculty, staff, GSR, researcher) and have a CruzID Gold Account, then you should already are entered into UC Learning Center.  If you are undergraduate or graduate student or are a non-UCSC employee (visitor, guest, volunteer), you may need to apply for a CruzID Gold account and request a UC Learning Center Account.  Note, It can take 10 days to get a UC Learning Center Account if you do not already have one.

1.  Get a UC Learning Center Account. 
a.  If you a non-employee student, please complete the UCSC UCLC student account request form;  http://learningcenter.ucsc.edu/access_request.html
Persons in the UCSC payroll system generally get added to the UC Learning Center.
b.  If you are a non-UCSC employee or do not have a UCSC email account, complete a Sundry Computer Account Form to ITS.  This can take 3-5 days for ITS to setup your account.  Note you must change your password within 72 hours.

2. Once you have a CruzID Gold Account, request a UC Learning Center Account via the Student Affiliate Access Request e-form.

3.  Take e-Course.  Safari (Mac) and Internet Explorer for PC are the preferred broswers for accessing the UC Learning Center.  However Firefox does seem to work.  In all cases, set your browser to allow popups.  For Internet Explorer 10, turn on compatibility view mode.

4.  Browse to the UC Learning Center  :  http://learningcenter.ucsc.edu/

5.  Login using your CruzID Gold username and password.
Note:  For students and visitors, you may need to get an account activated.

6.  Once logged in; click on "Catalog"
then under Environment, Safety and Emergency Management,
click on "Laboratory and Research Safety"
Then select  Activity Name "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals"  eCourse  Code SC-EHS-UCLSF-ECO

7.  When you complete the training, print a pdf copy of your training certificate.  A copy of this certificate may be required to be included in your lab safety binder.

The online course takes about 2 hours to do in 1 sitting.  You can start and stop as often as you like.  If you stop mid-way, the eCourse will resume where you left off.

Why is This Training Being Required.

In recent years, there has been several incidents of tragic accidents where laboratory personel and students working in university labs have become severely injured and in a few cases lost their lives. 

Who is Required to Complete Lab Safety Fundamentals Training.

All laboratory personnel are encourage to complete the online ecourse.  According to University of California policy all personnel in labs where there are any chemicals, biological work, machining, robotics or any other hazards must complete the training. 

UCSC EH&S Director Patrick Goff has confirmed that personnel who only work in offices where there are just computers and paper files do not (yet) need to complete the training.   Labs that only do low voltage electronics and/or soldering are encouraged to complete the online training.

Lab Type Lab Safety Fundamentals Training
BME Wet Labs Yes, required by all personnel accessing these lab spaces.
BME Computer Lab Required if the computer lab is located within or adjacent to other wet labs, such as in BioMedical Sciences Building.   If the computer lab is located only in a dry lab location, such as Physical Sciences Office Wing, and the personnel never access a wet lab, training is not required but highly recommended.

EE, CE  Dept Labs

Required if the lab has any chemicals, lasers, semiconductor processing, electron microscopes, biological experiments, machine tools, high voltage, robotics.  
Recommended for labs that only have low voltage electronics and soldering.  
Not required for computer only labs provided there are non of the above.
CS, TM, AMS Labs Not required for computer only labs.  However if personnel are accessing other labs where there are hazards, then the Lab Safety Fundamentals eCourse must be completed.