BSOE Support at UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus (SVC)

UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus (SVC)

3175 Bowers Avenue
Santa Clara, California
On the Southwest corner of Scott Blvd. and Bowers Ave.

Opened in April 2016. Co-location of UCSC Extension.

Map to UCSC Silicon Valley Campus (3175 Bowers Ave.)



BSOE has academic programs located on the 2nd and 3rd Floors of the UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus (SVC). The location is also home to UCSC Silicon Valley Extension (UNEX). BSOE space and facilities support at Silicon Valley Campus is coordinated with UNEX. Assistance for faculty, students and staff at SVC is mostly provided remotely and onsite staff support will be scheduled, as needed.

Operations at SVC currently include:

  • Professional Masters in Computer Game Design Program
  • Distance Education Site for some BSOE Graduate Level Courses
    • All distance education classes must be approved by Deptarment Manager and Deptartment Chair and scheduled two quarters in advance.
  • Shared satellite and hotel offices for BSOE faculty who have made prior arrangements.
  • BSOE Coporate Development Staff Offices.
  • Shared office for BSOE Administration and BSOE/ITS LITS Support.

All onsite operational needs and requirements are met by the Silicon Valley Campus (SVC) Office with coordination from BSOE Facilites. For onsite, operational support at the Silicon Valley Campus, please email:

Web Links

Requests for Assistance

Please follow processes as they are described and linked below and please avoid contacting personnel University Extension staff directly unless it is absolutely required. General questions about BSOE facilities needs at SVC can be directed to the BSOE Director of Labs & Facilities, Peter Minogue. The processes below have been coordniated to streamline requests and responses as best as possible. Please refer back to this page in case processes and procedures change.  

General Information

BSOE Spaces Assignments

BSOE space assignments (dated 2/2/16) as provided for by the Silicon Valley Initatives office are listed below.

Bowers SVC Floorplan - Floorplans of 2nd (ground floor) and 3rd floor.
Bowers SVC Space Assignments - Space tables listing  

BSOE Graduate Student Team/Study Spaces
        Computer Engineering - Room 2324  (2nd/Ground floor)     
        Electrical Engineering - Room 2315  (2nd/Ground Floor)
        Games & Playable Media - Rooms, 3205, 3212, 3214, 3215, 3216, 3218, 3219      

Key & Door Access

Door Access cards and keys to BSOE assigned spaces are provided via Silicon Valley Campus Operations Office (Bowers-Ops).

Request Access and Keys
Please visit web page request system: to make requests for CCure/badge access and brass keys for spaces at the SVC.

  • Login with your CruzID Blue username and password
  • On the menu on left, select "Request and Key Holder Pages"
  • If requesting access for yourself, select "Request" tab. If you are requesting access for someone else, select "Request on behalf" tab
  • Complete the access request form
  • For the Key1, Key2, Key3 box area; start typing "Bowers"  (without the " symbols)  - this should bring up a listing of room locations to select from. Some frequently requested access rooms are listed below with the description in system.
  • Once you have completed all fields click "Submit" button.

    After a successful request is entered into the system, the appropriate approvers are emailed to login and approve request. The person getting the access will also get an email with instructions on how to agree to terms and conditions of access.  Please follow the instructions on those emails from the system. Once approvals and access requester have been completed, lock system administrator will issue the access and an email notification will be sent to the person with new access from the keys system.
Frequently Asked Access Points Description in
SVC Bowers Front Door Entry
(after hours access to building)
3175 Bowers Santa Clara,,Building Main Entrance,1959

C-Cure Electronic (Proximity) Reader Instructions

Access to Bowers is via the UCSC C-Cure Electronic Lock System. The lock system uses the Proximty HID card *Plus* a 5 digit PIN code. You must use both the card and PIN code to enter. When using your badge, hold the card directly in front of the key pad on the reader. The reader will beep, indicating it has read your card. Move the card away from the reader and slowly entery your PIN number. If you enter the PIN number too fast, it will not unlock the door.

If you encounter a problem with keys or door access, please send an email to SVC Bowers Operations Office request tracker ticket queue. BSOE facilities does not operate nor manage the door access system at SVC.

Subject Line:  list briefly the issue   
Body of message:  List your issue with rooms numbers and persons that are having a problem. Please include the UCSC email address for persons that have a problem with access. All keys and access are tracked based upon their UCSC email address.

Please note that access to most BSOE graduate labs and after hours access to the building will require a UCSC photo ID & Promixty HID card for C-Cure System. ID card will require a current photo to be taken and may require a UCSC employee or student Identification Number.

UCSC Extension and BSOE Contacts

UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus Bowers Support
Access Keys & Codes at 3175 Bowers
Schedule a Conference Room at SVC
UCSC Extension Front Desk (408) 861-3700

UCSC Extension Distance Ed Tech Support:

(408) 204-5739
BSOE Instructional Support
(schedule courses and distance ed)
contact person:
Leah Kahn
Curriculum Analyst and Instructional Support Services Supervisor
Interim Program Manager for Technology and Information Management

Engineering 2, Room 298B
Monday - Friday, 8:30AM -5:00PM (Remote Mondays & Wednesdays)
Professional Masters in Computer Game Design Program

Michael John

MS in Game Design Assistant

Colin Daniel Wheelock
Program Assistant

2505 Augustine Drive
Suite 318
San Jose, CA

Electrical Engineering Dept Mgr; Program Information: Danielle D. Ditmars
Senior Department Manager, Computer Science & Engineering

Engineering 2, Room 298C
OR/ITS Computing Director

BSOE Dean's Office Maureen McLean
Director - Strategic Space Planning

831-345-2165 (cell)
Engineering 2, Room 567
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri
SVC Operations Manager Debbie Medeiros

SVC Facilities Technician

Randy Pate

UCSC Extension Operations

Debbie Medeiros
(408) 861-3705

UCSC Extension IT Manager


Manasee Bhandekar


 Computing Support at SVC Santa Clara:

Please refer to the BSOE/ITS web page detailing how to get computing support at SVC.


Intermittent Schedule of Classroom or Conference Room

Send email to:
Requests need to be made at least 5 business days in advance to allow for approvals and scheduling demands at SVC & UCSC Extension. Keep in mind highest class use of all rooms is in the evening (5-10pm) and Saturday hours with the lightest use during weekday mornings.

Requests cannot be for a regularly scheduled course or distance education requirements. Regularly scheduled courses and distance eduation classes at SVC must be scheduled via the Department Manager two quarters in advance and be adopted into the Dept's Curriculum and Leave Plan (CLP).



Distance Learning and SVC Class Scheduling
Courses scheduled to be taught at SVC/UCSC Extension or by distance education to/from Silicon Valley must be scheduled via the Department Curriculum and Leave Plan (CLP) process. Requests must be made two quarters in advance to your Department Manager and Department Chair. Requests to add courses and sections at SVC without advance notice will be declined. Once a course is on the CLP and shown as being taught or broadcast to SVC, you should contact BSOE Instructional Support to schedule days and times for sections located at UCSC main campus and UCSC Silicon Valley.
BSOE Instructional Support:



Emergency and Last minute Requests

Please note that BSOE operations at SVC are unstaffed. Therefore it is incumbent upon all to be prepared and to arrive early for instruction and appointments. Traffic in the Santa Clara Valley can extend travel times significantly, so it is advised that instructors, teaching assistants and students plan ahead, consider traffic during rush hour times and arrive early for courses.  

Support Issue What to do
Cancel Class or Notify Students of Instructor Delay Call UCSC Extension Front Desk (408) 861-3700
Ask front desk personnel to post a notification at the classroom.
Distance Ed or Video Conf Equipment not working Contact the UCSC Extension On Site Technical staff (408) 204-5739

If you have not scheduled use of the VTC or distance education equipment, please do not use it.
Do not troubleshoot or disassemble VTC or Distance Ed Equipment. Intentional misuse of VTC and Distance Eduation equipment that results in recalibration and/or damage may require individual or departmental reimbursement to UCSC Extension and/or UC Regents.
Schedule rooms for study or secondary sections Last minute room scheduling is not allowed.  Room scheduling must be approved by Department Manager in advance. Please use the web form listed above.
Copying Last minute copying by UNEX staff is not available.


Office/Lab Space Assignments

All BSOE space at SVC is loaned from <chrome_find class="find_in_page">SVC operations and are reviewed annually for need and use by <chrome_find class="find_in_page">SVC. Requests must be made via Dept Chair, who should forward to BSOE Asst Dean's Office. Space requests from Chairs must be made to no later than April 1st for implementation in the Fall. 


Info regarding relocation of UCSC Silicon Valley

UCSC in Silicon Valley relocated to 90,000 square foot academic building at 3175 Bowers Avenue over the weekend of April 15-18, 2016. Here is a UCSC Newscenter article the discusses the move and potential at the new site.

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