Request Building Access During coronavirus (COVID-19) Closure

Access to academic buildings on campus is restricted during the coronavirus pandemic for personel safety and to reduce the spread of the virus.   All access to Engineering Buildings must have prior approval from the Dean of Engineering.   Meetings and gatherings are not permitted.   Work that can be done remotely should be done remotely.   

All personnel coming to campus must complete the online COVID-19 Symptom Check for Employees and have been issued a certificate of clearance to work on-site.  An initial signup for the system is required. Complete the symptom check on the day of the visit. Symptom check results will remain valid for 24 hours from the time of the survey and then must be redone.   Details at

There are three types of access exceptions;  (a)  Approved Research Access, (b) Approved Teaching Access and (c) One-Time Access.    

For Research Access, please consult with your dept chair.   An application and extensive review by Asst Dean, Assoc Dean for Research, Building Committee, Dean and Office of Research will occur.   Currently only research that must take place on site is permitted.   An extensive plan to provide for distancing,  minimum room occupancy, lab cleaning and personel protection is required.

For Instuctional Access, please consult with your Dept Chair.   The Chair will review your need for access and make a determination.  

For one-time access, please complete the request form below.   One time access requests are reviewed by BSOE Asst Dean Anne Criss for all Engineering Buildings (JBEB, E2 and Westside Research Park).   Requests should be submitted with 2 full business days to allow time for review.

*****   One Time Access Request During coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Restrictions

Please complete this form to request one-time access during the coronavirus pandemic.   

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Please select any and all locations that apply.
Where rooms will you be entering.
Faculty please list your dept chair. Staff should list their supervisor. Researchers should list their PI or faculty adviser.
Please provide the reason why you need to enter the building. Generally requests to do work in the building that could be done remotely (e.g. computer work) are not considered to be appropriate during the COVID-19 closure unless there are sufficient extenuating circumstances. This request will be evaluated based upon this rational by Baskin School of Engineering Dean's Office. Please allow two business days to evaluate your request.

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