Lab Safety Videos

Here are some suggested videos regarding lab safety from various UC Campuses.

Proper Use of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) from UCSD

This video displays in situ activities in UCSD instructional and research chemistry labs. Take particular note of what sorts of safety eyewear should be used when hazardous liquid splashes can occur. Full googles without vents should be used.

Electrical Safety in Reseach

Video recording of 2.5 hour seminar conducted by Jim Gilson, UC Berkely Safety Engineer. Held at UCSC Engineering in September 2014. Video edited and compressed.  Seminar Outline
  1.    Electrical Safety – What Everyone at UC Should Know
    ·         What’s safe for you to do without further training?
    ·         What’s unsafe without further training?
    2.    Basic Electrical Theory – 6th-grade Physics and how to apply it in your life!
    3.    Basic Electrical Power distribution in your home / office / facility
    4.    Why are “Polarized” and “3-prong” plugs important?
    5.    Cords and Powerstrips
    ·         Selection, Inspection and Installation
    ·         When are “2-prong” plugs OK to use?
    6.    Hazards of Electricity
    7.    Physical Effects from different kinds of Electric Shock
    ·         What to do if you’re shocked or witness someone who is
    8.    Arc Flash / Arc Blasts
    ·         What are they and what causes them?
    ·         Why do you need to be concerned about them?
    ·         Protecting yourself from Arc Flash / Arc Blasts
    9.    Personal “Safe Work Habits” around Electricity
    10.  Design of safeelectrical work” areas / labs / offices
    11.  Design / Selection of safeelectrical equipment” in labs and offices
    · Guards, Double insulation, Faraday Cages, Grounding Wands
    · NRTLs and GFCIs
    12.  Hazards of Static Electricity
    13.  Hazards of Inductive Electricity
    14.  Hazards of Stored Electricity (Capacitors and Batteries)
    15.  Electrical Safety in your Work Area / Lab – What to look for!
    16.  Codes that govern Electrical Safety
    ·         California Electrical Code; National Electrical Code; NFPA70e;
    17.  Are there different electrical systems and why?
    ·         North America, EU, Great Britain, Austral-Asia and Japan
    18.  Energy Isolation – Lock out Tag out – What is it and when is it applied?
    ·         Practical applications of LOTO and methods
    ·         Developing SOPs for LOTO for specific equipment
    ·         New UC LOTO app for your iPad
    ·         Real-world examples of UC LOTO SOPs applied to shop and research equipment.