Recommended Safety & Hazmat Training

Below is a listing of UC and UCSC provided safety, hazmat and compliance training.   This list is constantly evolving but represents some of the training that BSOE facilities and BSOE BELS staff undergo on a constant basis.

E-Courses are typically found online at the UC Learning Center



or Live



UC Laboroatory Safety Fundamentals  E-Course SC-EHS-UCLSF-ECO  24 Months  required for all lab personnel
Ergonomic Assessment and Training  E-Course  SC-EHS-EASTM0263-ECO  as needed Do when 1st hired or when workstation needs reconfiguration.  For all personnel.
Hazardous Materials Shipping (General Awareness)   UCLOL0003-UC-ECO   Anyone who handles Hazmat or causes Hazmat to be transported for UC. DOES NOT certify you to ship hazmat.
 Laser Safety Training  E-Course SC-EHS-LST-2016.08.23   Anyone and everyone who works with Class 3D and Clas 4 laser systems and other members of groups with potential exposure to laser beams.
 Ladder Safety   SC-EHS-VIVLRN0047-ECO   Facilities & BELS staff.  Other personnel who may use ladders.
 Biosafety - Initial  Classrm
 SC-EHS-BSI0014-ILT   Facilities & BELS personel signing medical waste.   Persons working in research labs with infectious agents, recombinant DNA, human cell lines, human blood or tissues
 Fire Extinguisher  


 12 months People working in areas where a specific fire extinguisher has been provided, such as the fabrication lab or shops.  Note that you need to understand the fire type and appropriate extinguisher to use before using any fire extinguisher.   If a fire extinguisher is used you must also pull the fire alarm.  Fire is not out until the fire dept says it is.