Custodial & Recycling Support

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Description of UCSC Custodial Services & Operations
Custodial Cleaning Service Levels
Custodial Services available for Additional Charge
Custodial Contacts for Issues and Questions

UCSC & BSOE Recycling Services & Operations


Custodial Services & Operations

UC Santa Cruz Physical Plant custodians are charged with cleaning and custodial care of all buildings on the UCSC campus.  Custodians are represented employees of UC and report to physical plant which is part of the Business and Administrative Services (BAS) Division.

Due to continued budget cuts and no additional funding provided to support new buildings, such as BioMedical Sciences, McHenry Library Addition and Digital Arts; UCSC custodial has been forced to reduce service levels below that provided in 2013.    As such everyone is asked to do their own part in keeping BSOE areas clean and safe by cleaning their own areas, picking up trash when you see it and reporting any issues to BSOE facilities staff as soon as possible.

For reasons unknown to BSOE facilities, campus custodial do not touch recycling containers, whether they are in labs or not.  Also custodians will typically not empty trash containers that contain signficant quantities of recyclables.   BSOE personnel are suppose to sort and emtpy lab and office containers at floor level intermediate collection points.

Note:  BSOE facilities has vacuums, brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies available for office and lab cleaning by office and lab occupants.   Please email:    should you wish to borrow and self use cleaning equipment.


UCSC Campus Custodial Services Levels
Updated: January 13, 2014.
Information provided by UCSC Physical Plant Custodial Superintendent.  The major offical change for 2014 is that custodial does not clean offices unless a recharge is provided.

The current level of planned service is listed below.  Service is often reduced further as emergencies and some recharge services sometimes take priority over the base level of service.

--- Staffing Levels (updated 3/23/15)
Custodial has two shifts; days and evenings.
Day Shift  - 1 custodian for JBEB and 1 for Engineering 2;  Assigned to clean restrooms.  Typically done in morning hours.
Evening Shift - 2 custodians for JBEB and 2 for Engineering 2.   These custodians pickup trash from offices and labs, clean floors in common areas and labs, clean common areas such as elevators and entry doors.

--- Cleaning Days
Custodial works Monday - Friday, excluding holidays and shutdown peroids.   There is no custodial service during weekend, holidays and holiday breaks.  During campus closures, restrooms are not serviced.

--- Cleaning Frequency
Restrooms, Lunch Rooms, Classrooms - 5 days per week (no weekend cleanings)
Elevators and Interior building cooridors - 3 times per week (no weekend cleanings) Offices - Only trash pickup, no sweeping, mopping or vacuuming.
Lab Floors - 3 days per week, sweep, mop and trash pickup (if lab appears safe to enter)

Large open office area floors - 1 day per week (low priority and actually rarely done)
Indoor Stairwells - 1 day per month
Floor Strip/Wax - 1 time every 3 years
Carpet Steam Cleaning - 1 time every 3 years
Windows - 1 time every 3 years

--- Trash Pickups
Restrooms, Lunch Rooms, Classrooms - 5 days per week (no weekend cleanings)
Labs - 3 days per week
Offices - 1 day per week
Note:   custodial does not pickup recycling materials.

---- Stairs Cleaning
Interior Stairs/Stairwells - These should be swept and spot-mopped 1x month.
These are stairs that are "open" to the interior of the building.  This would include E2 middle stairs, JBEB stairs between BE-330 & Undergrad Advising, BioMed South Stairs from lower lobby to main lobby and to roof.

Stairwells that Are Entirely Enclosed - Swept once 3 months.
This would include the East and West stairs of E2, North Stairs of BioMed

Exterior Stairs - Not Cleaned;, Outside Custodial Scope of Work
Custoidal only cleans these stairs with a recharge work order.   Examples include all exterior stairways for JBEB.

Cleaning Work Requiring Additional Payments
Cleanings over and above that listed above require a work order with funding.  Additional cleaning jobs are done by campus custodial if and when staff are available.  This includes the following:
Office dusting/cleaning
Drapery/Window covering cleaning
Lab Cleaning (other than floor sweeping at frequencies listed above)
Special purpose cleaning.

To request additional cleaning services, please email:
Please specify the room location, what exactly you would like done, days/times that work can be done and the FOAPAL and amount authorized.  Note that approvals will be needed from the Tier 1 authorizer (typically a PI or supervisor) for the FOAPAL account and from the Tier 2 approver (typically the research accountant) on the FOAPAL.


Custodial Contacts for Questions and Issues

If you have any questions or feedback, please email  Should you wish, you can also contact the UCSC Custodial Manager listed below.

George Valerga, Sr. Superintendent
(831) 459-4737 or

Melinda Lynch, Night Custodial Supervisor


Recycling Services

---- Bottles & Cans
Custodial does not pickup recycling (bottles, cans, paper).  For labs and offices, please take your bottle and can recyling to main continers located on each floor near staircases.   BSOE facilities student staff will empty floor bottle/can recycling containers to the building main containers on a periodic basis.  Please drain or empty bottles and cans of liquids before placing them into recycling.

---- Paper
Please take paper to appropriate paper recycling bins (usually metal with closing lids) located at main areas on floors and often adjacent to copy machines.   Neither UCSC Custodial nor Recycling services make pickups from offices.   If you have a very large amount of paper recycling, please email BSOE facilities at
BSOE facilities has a couple of large rolling paper recycling containers to help faciliate office cleanups.

---- Cardboard
Please flatten cardboard boxes and take to appropriate carboard recycling bins or dumpster for the building.  These bins should be labeled "Cardboard Only".    A listing is below.   Please be sure boxes are flattened and empty of plastics, trash, styrofoam (see  styrofoam recycling below).
   JBEB - Cardboard recycling dumpster next to loading dock.
   E2 - Cardboard recyling dumpster in North East Corner of Parking lot
   PSB - Cardboard recyling dumpster at Building Loading Dock
   BioMed - Cardboard recyling dumpster at Building Loading Dock
   Sinshimer - Cardboard recyling dumpster at Building Loading Dock

---- Lab Plastics (trays and pipette boxes).
A large recycling rolling bin is located in Jack Baskin Engineering Room 202 for collection of clean lab plastics such as pipette boxes.   No sharpes of any kind.   Please be sure that lab plastics are clean and have not been exposed to biowaste nor chemicals.   Anything exposed to biowaste must be placed in the medical waste disposal bins, also located in JBEB Room 202.

---- Styrofoam Recycling
Take white styrofoam only to carboard boxes located outside Jack Baskin Engineering Room 66 (basement level).  BSOE facilities will take this styrofoam to Science Hill colleciton events held quarterly at Physical Sciences Building loading dock.