Building, Lab, Office Access Procedures & ID Card Requests

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Request Building, Office & Research Lab Access (non teaching lab)

Request Teaching Lab Access (BELS Labs)

Request UCSC ID Card for Access via Electronic Locks

Making/Getting your UCSC ID Card for Access via Electronic Locks

Other Security Information



BSoE facilities operate a number of security systems for our buildings. These include key locks, omnilocks/cypherlocks and card key access systems. Keys and access codes/cards are assigned by BSoE facilities office, usually by the BSoE Security Administrator.

Upon request of the BSoE Dean, BSoE Dept Chairs and BSoE managers; faculty and staff will be assigned keys and codes that provide access to their areas of work and study, including exterior doors, offices, labs and the mailroom. Personnel assigned keys must ensure they safe keep them at all times in accordance with UCSC Key Issuance Policy.

Key and Access Card or Code Rules of Conduct

  • All University keys, ID Cards, PIN number access shall not be left unattended or in unlocked vehicles. Keys left in vehicles must be locked out of view.
  • All personnel are responsible for maintaining building security. Doors shall not be propped open or left in an unlocked position during hours when the building is normally closed to the public.
  • Personnel should not unlock buildings, rooms or let other persons follow them into buildings unless they are known to have legitimate access to the building or room.
  • All lost/missing/stolen university keys must be immediately reported to BSoE facilities office.

E2 Door access and other research lab omilock access is issued on an expiring basis. BSoE facilities strives to warn personnel prior to their card expiration to get renew from their sponsor. Instructional Lab omnilock access is generally issued on a quarterly basis for class lab use. Access ends when the course ends.  Access beyond course ending requires approval from course instructor and BELS. 

Access to Buildings, Labs and Offices

Important Change as of 10/1/14; 
Please login to the key request web page to request and approve keys and rooms access (for non lab course access).    Sending emails and developing RT tickets are no longer needed, except for BELS lab access for classes.  See process below for more details.

For people needing to visit facilities,  Keys, Cards and Codes are issued 1:00pm to 3:00pm daily.  

Note:  BioMedical Sciences Building (Biomed) access is controlled via PBSci Facilities office.  Please use the same web request listed above.  PBSci also uses this system.


  1. Requestor should login to the key request system using CruzID login;
    Please visit
  2. Requestor requests the labs and offices needed for access.   When making a request for electronic access, the 5 or 6 digit code from the back of your UCSC Photo ID card is needed.   This code is stamped between the magnetic stripe and the edge of the card on the back.   If you do not have a UCSC Photo ID card, you will need to request one from BSOE facilities via email to:

  3. The system automatically emails approvers for the space to approve key/code/ID card access to the space.  
  4. Principal Investigator (faculty) or delegated assistant or BSoE manager approves the access request in the OnLine Keys database system.   This authorization is made using CruzID account authenication.   Approver can change some parameters of the request, such as length of issue time.
  5. Once access is approved, request moves to key issuer (usually BSOE facilities staff) for issuance of key.
  6. Requester is emailed asking they approved terms and conditions for access.  Requester will need to login to the system at with their CruzID username and password and approve conditions for access.
  7. Once access is approved and requester has approved terms and conditions, the system alterts facilities it is ok to issue key or code.
  8. If a new access card is required, BSOE facilities authorizes ID card services to produce a new ID card for the individual.   Facilities staff update the electronic lock system or prepare a key for issuance and notify the requester their access or key is ready.
  9. Individual visits BSoE facilities and obtains key or presents access card for programming into system.   If electronic access is requested and the requestor is already in the electronic access system, they may not need to visit BSOE faciliites.

Requesting BELS Teaching Lab Access

For BELS Lab access for a class or lab section, the instructor or TA should send an email with student names and CruzIDs to:  
Dept-ClassNumber  Quarter   LabRoom  Roster/Access List
We prefer an spreadsheet file attachment formatted as follows: 
StudentFirstName   StudetLastName     CruzID      Room Number      InstructorApproving

BELS staff will format and upload a bulk request to keys database system.  This method also enables BELS staff to automatically approve access and to hold a roster record.  Should BELS need to close the lab for maintenance, BELS staff then have the ability to email the students.

Requesting ID Cards for Electronic Access

For faculty and staff employees 
Subject:  Photo ID Card Request - <name of person>
Body:  Put the full name of the employee, their email address.

For Students:  Many graduate and undergraduate students recieved UCSC Photo ID cards that are also Proximity cards that can work on our systems.  If your student photo ID card is not a prox reader card, you may ask BSOE facilities office to authorize and fund a new card that is.  BSOE facilities will authorize on a case by case basis depending upon whether a card is really needed or not (e.g omnilocks can work with either a code or card).   

BSOE facilities staff will authorize and fund UCSC ID Card Services to make a Proximity Reader Photo ID card.  


Getting your UCSC Photo ID Card for Electronic Access

ID Card Services will take your photo and make an ID card after BSOE Facilties has sent them approval.  To make your ID card, ID Card services needs

(1)   BSOE facilities authorization to make an ID card for you (BSOE facilities pays ID card services for each card).
(2)   Your UCSC ID number (employee or student ID number).  
New employee ID numbers can take several days to produce by payroll after starting work. 
(3)   A government issued photo ID, such as a drivers license, passport, passport card.
(4)   A personal visit to ID Card Services

Once authorized, visit ID card services.  
Call before going to ensure they will be open and they have an authorization for ID card for you.

Location:   ID Card Services is located on Quarry Plaza, first floor of Bay Tree Bookstore Building, next to the Express Store.
Closest Parking:  In Hall Student Center Parking Lot (typically full).
Hours:   Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm  (sometimes closed for lunch or sickness, call ahead)
Phone:  831-459-2990
Photos for UCSC ID cards require a government issued photo ID, along with student or employee number.  No hats or sunglasses may be worn when campus ID photo is taken.



 Other Keys & Access Information

Deposits and Lost Key Fees/Fines

There is no key deposit for assignment of keys, omni codes, or access cards to University employees. However loss of a key may involve a charge equivalent to the cost of re-keying the locks that it opened (could be in $1,000). Loss or destruction (before reasonable card lifetime) of a door access card may involve a charge equivalent to the cost of replacing the card (about $5-10). The individual possessing the key or card has the responsibility to safe guard the keys and cards issued to them.

Key Carrying Security

Consider using some sort of lanyard or a means to secure keysets to your body. Avoid carrying them around in your hand, pocket or purse as these are most often how keys are lost or misplaced. Here are a few examples... - wrist coil key holder - polycarbonate case w/48" retracking cord - slip-throu belt attachment, requires belt