Upcoming Facilities Maintenance, Shutdowns and Events

Contact Information

Please e-mail facilities requests to facilities-request@soe.ucsc.edu. That will ensure your needs are properly handled. We are located in the Jack Baskin Engineering Building (JBEB), room 399C. We are located inside the doors opposite the elevator on the third floor, third door on the right.

To reserve conference rooms, please email:  instruct@rt.soe.ucsc.edu.

  • Director of Laboratories and Facilities

    Robert Vitale
    Director of Laboratories and Facilities
    Electrical Engineer

    831-459-3794 (Office)
    831-596-5360 (Mobile)
    Baskin Engineering, Room 349
    M-F 9am-6pm via appointment UCSC Google Calendar rvitale@ucsc.edu

    Area Manager Facilities & Instructional Labs; Engineering & Design, Budget, Planning

  • Facilities Manager

    Jeffrey Duncan
    Operations Manager

    831-459-5710 (Office)
    Baskin Engineering, Room 399C
    7:30AM to 4PM

    Staff Supervision, physical plant & moves coordination, Construction activities

  • Security Administrator

    Al Mc Guire
    SoE buiding access administrator

    Baskin Engineering, room 399C
    Monday - Friday, 1pm-3pm

    door lock systems, telephone & data connection ordering, emergency planning, facilities link campu space database maintenance

  • Faciilities Assistant

    Richard Sabala

    repairs, maintenance, minor modifications, furniture setups, transports

  • Student Staff

    Bradley Aaron Visacki

    assistance with maintenance, modifications, furniture moves

  • Student Staff

    Zachary David Olson

    assistance with maintenance, modifications, furniture moves

  • Student Staff


    assistance with maintenance, modifications, furniture moves

Assistance with maintenance, transport, recycling, cleanroom cleaning Student Intern Carey Laurent assistance with maintenance, transport, recycling, cleanroom cleaning


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Our office is the source for ordering and making changes to phone service. Pleases e-mail your requests 15 days in advance to our ticketing system e-mail address listed above. There is a minimum 10 day lead-time for campus telcom after we recieve all of your information. The additional days are to account for chasing down information campus telcom requires prior to taking order.

On your e-mail, please provide

  • A billing FOAPAL (account number).
  • Approval from responsible party of the FOPAL
  • Building/Room for phone and jack number if known.
  • If moving phone, please list phone number and old location (Building, Room, Jack).
  • Type of service desired; digital or analog
  • Type of connection allowed: campus only, local calls, long distance

Ericsson digital phones are available for purchase.

Furniture Issues

Whether it be moving, new purchases, repairs, disposal or ergonomic adjustments, e-mail your questions to our ticketing system e-mail address listed above. We have limited funding and very limited off-campus storage space. We have a few assorted furniture items on hand and may be able to fill your request quickly.

New furniture purchases require a long lead-time, as much as 12 weeks, for delivery. As soon as you recognize the need for new furniture contact us to begin the ordering process. Baskin SoE has developed a standard range of components and colors for furniture. We can select from this standard and assist you wherever possible.


Furniture Moves

Requests to move furniture, office contents, and lab equipment should be e-mailed to our ticketing system facilities-request@soe.ucsc.edu. For major lab moves, we ask for 30 days advanced notice. For office moves, 20 days notice is needed. Most of this time is for telephone moves which require 15 days advance notice.

In advance of your move we will visit with you to discuss your needs and expectations. We prepare a scripted move list for the workers to follow and, as much as possible, clearly tag every item and location. We have developed an information form to help you prepare for the move, and we provide tags for tagging your items. We will bring these things to you upon request. We will provide boxes.

For efficiency and safety the movers request that you not be present during a move. With our preparations and proper labeling everything should go smoothly and quickly.

We will help you prepare space for setup and moves. Where we have them, we will provide floor plans.

All extra cubical parts and extra furniture after a move or office/lab reconfiguration is completed will be absorbed into the common BSOE furniture pool and placed in BSOE storage. This common pool is used for future adjustments in office/lab furnishings Schoolwide. Departments, Laboratories and ORUs are not provisioned with storage space for spares/extra furniture.

Equipment Surplus

Computer Equipment Surplus

Computer moves & relocations are handled by the IT Staff (techstaff). If you need a computer moved or setup, please login to the IT request system: itrequest.ucsc.edu or e-mail help@ucsc.edu. All computer equipment is evaluated for internal reuse by BSOE, then campus units. Any computer equipment with UC or Grantor agency property tags needs to have an EMIR completed before transfer or surplus.

Laboratory Equipment Surplus

Please e-mail facilities-request@soe.ucsc.edu. Laboratory equipment needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis for EH&S clearance and equipment management.

EH&S Clearance of Laboratory Equipment

Prior to disgarding used laboratory equipment, the lab is obligated to ensure the equipment is clean and free of any contaimination. Please see EH&S Checklist for refrigerators, freezers or other equipment (incubators, specialty cabinets,
etc) previously used to store biological, chemical, or radioactive materials. Checklist must be followed and EH&S approval given before removal from premises. It is equally important the process of cleaning and check by EH&S be documented to ensure compliance with applicable laws and policies.

Lab Refrigrator and Freezer Surplus

Please e-mail facilities-request@soe.ucsc.edu. Laboratory refrigrators and freezers have a special disposal procedure. This procedure was developed from PBSci Facilities operations.


Other Services of the Facilities Office

  • We provide liaison to the Fire Marshal, Physical Plant, Physical Planning and Construction, custodial operations and Environmental Health and Safety.
  • We provide planning and project management for renovations, coordinate furniture installations, and follow up on warranty corrections.

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