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BSOE Building and Equipment Inventory Codes - 1 page summary for equipment management.

Jack Baskin Engineering Building (JBEB)
also known as Baskin Engineering Building, Engineering 1, formerly known as The Applied Sciences Building.  

CAAN   Overall Size
(Gross SF)    
Useable Area
(assignable SF)
Space Assigned
(assignable SF)


7194 175,318 GSF 104,022 ASF 67,252 (65%)  Jan 1, 1971

US Postal Address

BSOE Recieving, Room 40
Jack Baskin Engineering Building
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz CA. 95064
In CruzBuy this is shipping address 'SOERCV'

Shipping Address (FedEx, UPS, Trucking Companies)

Room 40
Jack Baskin Engineering Building
606 Engineering Loop
Santa Cruz CA. 95064

Please use the above addresses for all deliveries to labs and offices in the BioMed, PBSci, Sinsheimer, and Thimann buildings. BSOE Facilities staff will take receipt of all packages and bring them to the receipient's location and confirm with the items have been delivred with an email via the RT ticket system.

Engineering 2 (E2)
CAAN = 7940

Also known as "E2". Office and Dry Lab Building. Home to colocated BSOE Dept offices on 2nd floor, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Technology Mangaement, Compuational Media. Economics Dept located on 4th floor. Two Cal-ISIs located on 5th floor (CITRIS and QB3). Building Completion/Occupied October 22, 2004. Architect Anshen+Allen LA
Street Address  
Shipping Address

BSOE Recieving, Room 40
Jack Baskin Engineering Building
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

In CruzBuy this is shpping address 'SOERCV'

Building Size; Gross & Assignable  151,550 GSF, 88,451 ASF
ASF Space assigned to BSOE 70,250 (79.4%)
Economics Dept of the Soocial Sciences Division occupies 15,303 asf on 4th floor (17.3% of total E2 asf). Econ Dept is projected to move to Social Sciences 3 Building when it is built. SS3 does not have a projected construction date. Remainder of non-BSOE space are campus classrooms, ITS personnel housed by CITRIS.
Physical Science Building (PSB)
CAAN = 7919
Also known as PSB. Home to Biomolecular Engineering Dept faculty offices and bioinformatics labs.  Constructed June 14, 2006.
Shipping Address Please use BSOE Recieving at JBEB. Do not order hazmat for BSOE areas as all areas are office spaces only.
Street Address  
Building Size; Gross & Assignable 136,211 GSF,  80,811 ASF
Space assigned to BSOE 5,045 ASF (6%)