Power Outage Cost Survey

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The UCSC Campus Provost and Exective Vice Chancellor has asked us to identify the impacts of unplanned power outages in terms of costs and lost productivity.  We are using this web form tool as a means to gather specific information regarding the impacts of unplanned power outages.

Please complete the below web form survey to report any losses due to unplanned power outages.  Losses can be a wide variety of forms such as lost time, lost production, lost research/instruction materials, missed deadlines and failed or damaged equipment.

Divisions may use this information to help seek mitigation and in some cases staff may be able to recommend solutions to help limit future damage and losses.

Should you have experienced equipment damage or loss of materials greater than $1,000, consider filing an insurance claim with the UC insurance carrier.   Please see the UCSC Risk Service Claim web page for more information on filing a claim and what UC coverage and deductions are available.