BSOE Building Infrastructure Information



Engineering 2 Building


Jack Baskin Engineering Building

Electrical Capacities:
Emergency Power
Standby Generator Power

DI Water System -   Type III de-ionized (DI) water is plumbed to many wet lab locations.   Type III DI water is used for washing purposes or as a feed water for producing higher grade water.

HVAC System
Rooftop air handling provides fresh air to office and lab spaces throughout the top 3 floors of JBEB.   Air handlers are provisioned with Minimum Efficiency Report Value (MERV) 8 filters. MERV-8 filters generally clean air at the 30 to 10.0 um particle size with 30-35% dust spot efficiency as specified by ASHRAE 52.1 Standard.  The typical recommended application for this HVAC system is general commerical, industrial and better residential.

Newer lab buildings at UCSC (BioMed, PSB) use MERV-13 filters, which filters two order of magnitude better (0.30um to 1.0 um particle size) with 80-90% dust spot efficience as specified by ASHRAE 52.1 standard. 

Filters are changed every 6 months by Physical Plant HVAC crews.  

More on MERV ratings at:

Air handling is bi-furigated for wet labs and for office/dry lab locations.   Wet lab locations have 100% air change with outside, where office and dry labs the air is partially exhausted to outside and partially recirculated.