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Facilities Related Surveys

Power Outage Cost Survey  - An ongoing survey for researchers to complete after a power outage event to record time, material and equipment losses.

Power Outage History - An ongoing list of power outages with causes.




Current BSOE Specific Capital Projects

Project Name Location Status Notes



Rewire & Upgrades

Jack Baskin Engineering Bldg

E2 Building

Part of UCSC Telcom Infrastructure Upgrades Phase B.

Construction of new telcom closets expected in Summer 2015.   Rewiring of building expected during Academic year 2015-2016

See ITS TIU Web Page

BME Teaching Lab JBEB-301B Construction completed Teaching lab moved in and started operations in Fall 2015.  Some minor work on locks and HVAC still remain
BME Lab Renovation JBEB-287 Under construction Construction started in September 2015.  Completion expected by March 2016.
EE Lab Renovation JBEB-216 planning as of 12/1/15, 100% construction documents are being reviewed.
BME Lab Renovation Sins-237A planning 12/1/15 - project summary statement being worked on.  
EE Lab Renovations E2-479/481 pre-planning  
Silicon Valley Center   final drawings 12/1/15 - final drawings under review.  Construction slated to start soon.
Delaware Warm Shell  2300 Delaware  planning  
Delaware Phase 1 Labs  2300 Delaware  pre-planning  


 Past BSOE Specific Capital Projects

Project Name Location Status Notes
CAVE - Cave Automated Virtual Reality  E2-580  Complete Construction & CAVE Installation Completed 5/1/15.
Construction started 2/1/15.
Passenger Elevator Replacement  Jack Baskin Engineering Bldg  Complete Elevator restarted passenger operation on Aug 28, 2014, several weeks early.



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Baskin Engineering Facilities Projects

The pages below provide BSOE facilities project information.

BioMedical Building Project

Information on facilities for the Biomedical building project.

BME Lab Specifications and Projects

Various Biomolecular Engineering Lab specifications and infrastructure projects.

BME Furniture

EE Lab Mods


Modifications to laboratory space in the Baskin Engineering building will seek to accommodate a Group III-IV material Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Disposition (MOCVD) reactor vessel and an Atomic Layer Disposition (ALD) reactor for metal oxides. These systems will be used to grow thin films and study how they form in order to promote the advancement of nanotechnology.

Electrical Engineering Clean Room

Electrical Engineering Dept clean room complex (BE-256, 258B, 258A) in Baskin Engineering.

E2 Rm 298

Robotics Facility

Gaming Lab

Instructional & Projects Lab for new gaming degree major in Computer Science. Baskin Engineering 368 Complex.

Baskin Electronic Locks

Installation and replacement of old style omni-locks with centrally managed system.

E2 Movable Equipment

Movable equipment list and purcashing information.

Campus Building Projects

EH&S Building - EnvironmentalHealthSafety

This facility is to replace the current EH&S hazardous waste transfer facility located in the corporate yard at base of campus. The new facility will have vastly improved safety and containment and approximately 50% increase in capacity for holding waste generated by campus labs and operations.

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