BSOE Facilities Technical Info & Vendors

Below is a partial listing of vendors to BSOE Facilities and useful technical information.


Office Furniture

Some typical sources for our furniture.

Vendor Contact Standardize Lines

Pacific Business Interior (PBI)
Local representative for Steelcase Inc.


E2 -

Conf Rooms-



Lab Furniture & Equipment
listing of past and potential supplies with notes based on our experiences (your experience may differ).

What Vendor Models/Info Purchase/Sales Info or Rep

Lab casework 
Wet lab Design & Build

Laboratory By Design, Inc
450 Technology Way
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 252-8218

LBD has designed casework for several wet labs at UCSC, including JBEB-216.  Usually a subcontractor to a general


Lab Benches Please consult with BSOE facilities staff regarding your requirements.   Below are some products we have worked with, Vendors we know or have seen in the CruzBuy system or vendors that we have heard about. 
  Bench Pro
Bench Depot
BSOE facilities has experience with design, assembly and installation of the Kennedy Line in BE-301B, BE-210, E2-380

In CruzBuy no punchout

Bench Pro is the manufacturer and Bench Depot is their distributor.  Bench Pro also makes benches for various other companies.  This is their primary business.

  Thermo Fisher Scientific many models & piece parts are carried on the CruzBuy punchout.
consult with Thermofisher catalogs or sales staff to get 

In CruzBuy with punchout
Sales Rep
Nicki Kalantari

Also a CruzBuy Punchout

  VWR   In CruzBuy with punchout

Global Industries


Will not sell directly to UC,
must purchase via Hospital Associates



  In CruzBuy with punchout
Look at Grainger online catelog and get part numbers first, then go to CruzBuy punchout for costs.
  Cole Palmer    
  Forma Spaces    
Lab Bench Chairs      

Ergonomic Lab Bench Chair
Made by BioFit

List price $860.25 each.  Similar chair from Bench Pro may be less costly.
Bio Safety Cabinets Baker Scientific    
Scientific Equipment For the most up-to-date pricing, check the CruzBuy Home page.  There are 'punchouts' for various suppliers, some listed below.  When going through the punchout, you should recieve the negioated UC discounted pricing.  
More on CruzBuy at:
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  Thermo Fisher Scientific   Sales Rep
Nicki Kalantari