-- RandyPorter? - 09 May 2007

Furniture for PSB Rm 405 Complex

1 PSB Rm 409 door lock Inactivate interior door lock

2 PSB Rm 405 design Furnish Rm 405 with staff cubicles and other features. Noise control important. Use E2 CBSE cubicles as standard, they appear to provide good sound isolation between cubes. Possible other features include hot desk, extra desks, seating for people waiting, reception, table for printer. Steelcase vendor (PBI) will be brought in to create floor plans.
3 PSB Rm 405 SOE Wireless Network Install wireless networking. Status: ITS/SOE has submitted the order 3 times to NTS. CIC budgeted $15K for additional access points for BE & PSB locations.

4 PSB Rm 409 Whiteboard top edge get cork molding strip to cover - SOERT#29550

5 PSB Rm 405 B/W laser printer Ann to submit IT request for techstaff to spec & install

6 PSB Rm 409 more chairs Need more chairs in PSB conf rm. Could be stackable type

8 PSB Janitors inconsistent service Facilities - determine what the service level agreement is for PSB