Checklist For Moves -- Al Mc Guire: Table of Contents

Billing rates and other phone information

Has the phone been ordered?

Use the phone order form provided by telecommunications, 9-3111, to place orders for new service, moves, disconnects, phone instruments, long distance, and voice mail. Allow ten business days for any action. Email for a voice mail password reset. State phone number and user name. This service does not require a foapal. To change user name or any other billing related items, email a request to Barbara Tate-McKanobb at No foapal required for this either.

Has the data been ordered?

For network requests on the School of Engineering network, submit a request at Once the ticket is generated, you are given a ticket # for corresponding. A technician will assign the ticket and SOE network techs will contact you with any additional information they need to complete the request. A requester can expect a 2-day turnaround from the time the ticket is generated.

If a person is moving from Office A to Office B