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Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Facility

These pages provide general information, notes and handouts from committee meetings of the Environmental Health and Safety Facility Programming and Building Committee. Information shown is NOT official information from campus planning and therefore should not be considered source information. Source information should be aquired from either Capital Planning Office or Physical Plant and Construction.

Most information has been gathered since December 2006, prior to this time the building committee did not exist and information was not readily available to JBSOE representatives. First meeting of the building committee occured on Wed Jan 10, 2007.

Niland Options Study - Oct 2000 The University should move immediately to site and fund a new Environmental Services Facility (ESF)... The ideal solution is to build a permanent facility with both technical support and waste handling functions, near the campus research center (Science Hill).

General Description of Project

Project as envisioned in April 2006

New Facility Rational

Potential Sites:

Site 1 - Behind Engineering 2 - West

  • EHSSite1.pdf: EH&S Facility Site #1 (Behind Engineering 2 -West)

Site 2A - Adjacent to UCO Lick Shops

Site 2B - Behind Engineering 2 - East

Site 3 - Adjacent to Thimann Labs

Campus Planning

UCSC Long Range Development Plan (LRDP 2005)

Science Hill & Engineering Area Planning

This drawing illustrates a possible future site plan for the Science and Engineering academic core area. Existing buildings are shown in white, potential building sites are shown as orange. EH&S Site#1 is shown as building #1; Site 2A is shown as approximately as building #6; Site 2B is shown approximately as building #4; EH&S site #3 is shown approximately as building #12 (however EH&S site #3 would likely be closer to Theimann and also consume a portion of the PBSci stockroom and loading dock).
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