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-- Main.Robert Vitale - 09 May 2008

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Table of Contents

New Faculty Orientation

– Draft Outline in Progress

0. Tasks During Search and Selection Process

A. Laboratory Requirements

B. Research Area Needs - any special oversight committee evaluations such as IBC.

I. Tasks Prior to Arrival (30 days or more)

A. Facilities & Computing Requirements

Descritpion Done By Check
Office Space defined    
Lab Space defined    
Confirm arrival date    
Send BSOE new account form (BSOE email & computing access) to new faculty member
Any rennovations to space required    


B. Logisistics


  • Visa (if needed)
  • Bringing people
  • Bringing equipment/computers - Need EMIR Form if inventorial
  • Moving & Relocation of Personal Property


C. Set-Ups


  • Office Setup
  • Phone activation
  • Lab Construction
  • Computing/IT Accounts (CruzID? , CruzBuy? , CruzPay? , CruzTime? )
  • Campus ID Card + BSOE door access
  • Computer Spec & Purchase - See IT staff, they will spec and help with purchase.
  • Research and Start-up Orgs
  • Department and Administration Welcome


II. Upon Arrival (1st Quarter)

A. Orientation to Campus


  • Campus new faculty orientation
  • Campus tour - (need link to schedule)

B. Orientation to School of Engineering


1. Department Administration (


  • Department Managers
  • Faculty Services (and redirection to other campus resources, such at CTE, DRC, media services, location of mail rooms, office, copy cards, etc.)
  • Instructional Support (including scheduling, AIS account, course web site development, narrative evaluations, etc.)
  • Payroll sign-up, new hire paperwork including 204 form, etc.



2. Dean’s Office and AHR


  • General academic personnel resources


3. Facilities


  • Office keys & codes
  • ID Card & building access
  • Phones
  • Furniture


4. Research Accounting and Purchasing





5. BSOE & Campus Computing


  • SoE? ID


6. BELS Lab Support


  • CE/EE/BME Instructional Lab support - orientation
  • Poster printing - available and how
  • Receiving & Delivery instructions


7. Sponsored Projects Support


  • Proposal Preparation Assistance
  • Grant Searches
  • Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Development Office
  • Research Accountants
  • Intellectual Property


8. Student Affairs ( useful for longer term academic issues)


  • Undergraduate Advising - See
  • Graduate Advising Tracie Tucker (AMS, CS, TIM)
Carol Mullane (CE, EE, BME)
Oversee the graduate student's academic progress, provide advising, oversee graduate admissions, prepare TA assignments, and track graduate student department financial support.


III. Post Arrival (2nd-4th Quarters)

1. Intermediate and Advanced Instructional Support (Course development and approvals; Center for Teaching Excellence; instructor preferences;)

2. Faculty Services (Narrative evaluations put link here, guest speakers, room reservations, catering, etc.) 

3. Academic Information System (AIS) training - for input of grades and getting course rosters 

4. Safety Issues

a. Ergonomics & Laboratory Safety

Find course schedules and sign up at:

  • EHS - New Employee Safety Training - all faculty and staff personnel including non-ladder academics.
  • Faculty Member assign a laboratory safety representative for their lab - Send name to BSOE facilities and EH&S.

5. Training on Hiring, Title IX and Other

a. On-Line Sexual Harrashment Training - on line from UC Office of the President

b. Fair Hiring Workshop - may not be necessary for non-career academic appointments