-- BobVitale? - 29 Oct 2007

Information on various gas used in BSOE

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Typically used for CO2 biology incubators. Three sources told me we should only run medical grade CO2 in the incubators (Praxair, Mike Issacson's lab staff and C02 incubator manufacturer Shel Lab). Shel Lab states that lower grade C02 can damage the incubators or at least containment them.

Medical Grade C02 is called 4.0 grade and has a specification for low sulfur. A higher purity C02 is also available (4.8 grade) but that is typically used for research where very high purity is required.

Description Part Number Costs (per k-sized cylinder)
Medical grade C02 CDM-50 $33.02 (50lbs)
Research Grade C02 CD4.8RS-K $288.56 (60lbs)

Medical Grade Spec Sheets:

High Purity Spec Sheets: