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-- BobVitale? - 06 Feb 2008

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Moveable Equipment requirements

phil berman 2/6/08 input

Hi Bob,

Do you know if and when we can specifically identify the space allocated to BME? If so we can do a much better job of programming the space. That said, I can rattle off a few things off the top of my head to consider. Sincerely,


  • 2-4 autoclaves (0.5- 1 per floor)
  • Multiple RO-DI water systems (centralized or each floor or provided for each lab)
  • Two warm/cold rooms per floor. I would purchase the kind that can be changed from a warm room to a cold room depending on the need.
  • 2 to 4 cell culture incubators per tissue culture hood
  • At least 2 darkrooms (with developers)
  • At least 2 dishwashers
  • One dairy case per floor. It useful to have the dishwasher and autoclave locate in a media prep room that has space for a dairy case type refrigerator.
  • Multiple high speed centrifuges for common use
  • Multiple bacterial shaker platforms/incubators for common use
  • Glassware drying ovens near each dishwasher
  • 2-4 Dry ice storage lockers
  • Server rooms?
  • With respect to tissue culture hoods, some procedures require venting to the outside and some acn be vented to the room. Also some tissue culture rooms require Hepa Filtered air and others do not.
  • Chemical hoods and in-lab hazardous chemical storage cabinents are probably required (1 per lab)
  • Centralized CO2 piping for tissue culture incubators.
  • Centralized chemical and radioactive waste disposal areas and disposal equipment.
  • Vibration free rooms?

Information from CBSE/QB3 - Ann Pace

Here is the current version of the moveable equipment list for the CIRM biomed space.

Michelle - this only focuses on the 4th floor and vivarium core facilities and shared equipment for CIRM. It does not address the mobile lab furnishings that were VE'd out, nor the BSCs, both of which I believe will be included in the construction budget (at least the BSCs, maybe not the mobile base cabinets). It does not include any office furninshings and it does not include standard equipment that is common to each floor, e.g. ice machines. Armen Shamamian should be asked to comment on vivarium equipment- I will forward this to him.


Michelle's Listing (2/6/08)

Here's some building info, related to Phil's previous email:

  • Construction budget provides six autoclaves for the upper four floors, which is a similar density to Sinsheimer.
  • DI water will be piped from PSB, which is fairly high-quality, and construction budget pays for 1 milliQ per floor, located in autoclave rooms.
  • Construction budget provides one glassware washer on level 3, similar size to Sinsheimer's. Utilities are supposed to be provided for a dryer, but not the actual machine.
  • Space for CO2 cylinders is provided in equipment vestibules, and wall sleeves provide pass-through to connect to incubators in adjacent Procedure Rooms, where BSCs will likely be located.
  • Each floor has two cold rooms, and levels 2 & 4 have a warm room, as well. I believe that CIRM changes the function of one of the cold rooms on level 4, possibly to a warm room. Ann?
  • There's one dark room for the building in the non-cirm scenario, on level 3. CIRM adds two more.
  • There are no provisions for ducted BSC's, as the committee did not envision such a need.
  • Construction provides 6 fume hoods per floor, one tall flamm. cabinet per two hoods, and an acid storage cabinet under each hood.
  • There's a Large Equipment Room of ~300asf on each floor, with extra power and ventilation, which might be used for servers. Serious computer rooms were expected to be located in other buildings.

Because Biomed occupancy is so far out in the future, I expect it will be awhile before either Division assigns specific space. For the purpose of preparing the Equipment List, I recommend that SoE? plan on occupying any one of the four floors. The floors are quite generic, and, after reviewing Phil's initial equipment list, below, I expect that the basic needs of BME and PBSci researchers are quite similar. This may allow us flexibility around the CIRM wildcard.

If CIRM funding does not come through, would any of the equipment listed for CIRM still be needed for the Biomed Facility?

Thanks, Michelle

Ann Pace response 2/7/08

Michelle Asire wrote:

> - Each floor has two cold rooms, and levels 2 & 4 have a warm room, as well. I believe that CIRM changes the function of one of the cold rooms on level 4, possibly to a warm room. Ann?

CIRM changes one cold room to a procedure room. CIRM only needs one warm room and one cold room.
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