Engineering 2 Moveable Equipment

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Remaining Equipment

as approved by Interium Dean Isaccson

PDF of Dean's Memo with signature: DeanApprovalChanges-080508-BV.pdf

Spreadsheet Only: E2-MEL-080506-BV.xls

Purchasing Status

Item What Cost Tax Shipping Total Have Quote Approved Sent to PP&C PO# Status
OptIPuter/Video Wall Components

Displays - LCD Monitors

                Team working on spec
  Wall Mounting System                 Buy or build?
  Computers                 Team working on specs
  Network Switch                 Team working on Specs
E2-506 Equipment
  WolfVision? VX-9 Plus Doc Camera 10,966.00 932.11 include 11,898.11 yes Vitale 11/12/08   got quotes, sent to Donna
  Interactive Pen Display                 have model from Pat, need quote

Video Teleconf Systems (2 each)

                gettig quotes from Polycom & Cisco
  3D Printer                 need quote from Teddy
Partial Backup Cooling Systems for E2-208/594
  Spot Cooler for E2-208 18,010       yes Terry 5/12/08   Sent quote to Donna
  Spot Cooler for E2-594                 quanity 0 on list

Enhancement of Backup Power System
  Power Module for UPS (Rm 208) 11,740.56 997.95 82.44 12,820.95 Yes Ted/Terry 5/19/08   quote sent to Donna 5/19/08
  APC Battery Rack, 8 shelves 15,057.97 2377.03 1279.92 18,714.89 Yes Lynne 5/21/08   quote sent to Donna 5/21/08
Computer Room Servers
  Backup Sever 25,098       Yes Terry 5/10/08   quote sent to Donna 5/10/08
  Web Server                 quanity 0 on list
Increase Computer Rack Rows (E2-208)
  Computer Racks 15,103.60       Yes Terry 5/10/08   quote sent to Donna 5/10/08
  Isobase Units 16,065.00 1,365.53 902.00 20,832.53 Yes Terry 5/12/08   quote sent to Donna 5/12/08

PDUs for racks vertical

        Yes       holding - submit last
  PDUs for racks horizontal         Yes       holding - submit last
Misc Items
  Hurricane Fans 2767.08       Yes Bob 5/10/08   Arrived
  Display Cases 3680.00 312.80 550.00 4,542.80 Yes Bob 5/13/08   SOERT34384, sending to donna 5/13/08
  LCD Projectors                 needquote

Major Items and Discussions:

E2-506 & 598 Spaces

Wolf Vision Document Cameras


Vendor quote Amount Notes

6100 Stewart Ave
Fremont, CA 94538
Mary Landis

May 12, 2008 5483.00 ea

VZ-9 Plus doc camera, includes ground freight

Recommended local vendor by Wolf Vision

Global Presenter
1600Wyatt Dr. Suite 6
Santa Clara, CA 95054
May 12, 2008 5745.00 ea

VZ-9 Plus, inculdes romte control, AC cord, Manula & soft cary bag
Recommended local vendor by Wolf Vision

Anderson Audio Visual

9332 Tech Center Ste # 200
Sacramento, CA 95826

Phone (916) 438-5400

Fax (916) 438-5410

    contact name no longer valid.
Chariot Group

Keith Prentice
Account Manager
3120 Denali Street, Suite 1
Anchorage , AK 99503
907-222-5300 (Office)
907-222-5301 (Fax)
907-382-1067 (Cell)

May 12, 2008 5303.00 ea

VZ-9 Plus, not including shipping.

Shipping would be from Anchorage, AK and might require AK + CA sales taxes.

Vendor not provided by Wolf Vision.


HD Video Conferencing Systems

Polycom Systems - Contact
David Detrinidad Regional Account Executive Solutionz Videoconferencing, Inc. 916.580.3494 (office) 916.821.6716 (mobile) 916.244.0979 (fax)  [[][]]  [[][]]  GSA Contract # GS35F-03555N CMAS State Contract # 3-05-70-2233A CalSave State Contract Vendor  Providers of Integrated Polycom Video/Audio Conferencing Technologies

Desciption of Systems: Polycom_HDX_Generic_Room_Layouts_-_Feb__20_2008.pdf

E2-208 Equipment

Computer Racks - Wrightline


Quote: E2-ComputerRacks-Q02382.pdf

Backup Server - Sun - via Incentra Solutions


Quote: BackupServer-incq23051.pdf

Isobases - Worksafe Technolgies


Portable Chillers - Movin Cool


Quote: E2-PortableChillerss-Movin_Cool.pdf

UPS Upgrades

UPS Power modules; 2 each 10KW ACP modules; Total: $11,823.00


UPS Battery Upgrade, 1 Battery cabinet + 9 batteries Total:


Misc Items

Hurrican Fans $2767.08

Quote: HurricanFan-McMaster-Quote.pdf

LCD Projectors

Budget $4660 for 4

Dell 5100MP (1400x1050native) w/3yr exchange $1,826.47

Dell 2400MP (1024 x 768 native) w/3yr exchange $792.73

Display Cases

Budget $7,456 for 8 each
Actual $4,542.80 for 8 each

Clarrige - DisplayCases-DOC080509-1.pdf