-- BobVitale? - 07 Sep 2007

Brief: Three additional offices to be constructed in the eastern part of E2 298 open office area.


9/7/07 - walls installed, HVAC complete, electrical lights needs to be connected 8/8/07; Design completed, moving staff and furniture. Expect construction to start soon


Approximate Schedule

As of 9/7/07 - here are what I see are now the remaining items & approx timeline for E2-298 completion. Main items to resolve are:
a. fire sprinkler installation/adjustments
b. office light switch (low volt vs 477v) issue

Item Timeline
4 Doorlocks (Lock Shop) Sept 10-14
E2-298 West Wall/Door Painting (campus paint) ?
E2-298 East Fire Sprinklers (???) - ?
E2-298 office light switches/sensors (Cyclops/PBI) ?
(1) E2-298 East Side - Custodial Clean up -- before 9/19 (9/17?)
(2) E2-298 cubical furniture (SOE facilities) after custodial (9/18?)
E2-298 office furniture (PBI) --------- Sept 19
E2-298 Phone activations (SOE facilities) - - order 2wks before move
E2-298 network jacks (SOE networking) ---- 1 week before move

Notes (1) SOE facilties to schedule custodians to do a deep clean vacuum (maybe steaming) of the offices and cubical areas before installation of furniture. Since we have an open issue of air quality, it might be best to have the entire office suit floor steam cleaned.

(2) Most of the cube furniture we have, some minor items (e.g. countertop) coming with PBI order on 9/19. Marcus is aware of what is needed.

* E2-298 Schedule

Construction & Setup Elements

Furniture for New Offices and Changed areas

Wall Purchase and Installation

Locks for New Doors

New office doors will come close to matching existing offices but not 100%. The lock sets on the doors will be installed by campus lock shop under workorder from PP&C or SOE (TBD who sends the work order in). According to steelcase, the doors come

Bob, They should be prep to accept the university lock set L9050-17B-626. It should have all the major holes predrilled.

Thank You, Usvaldo "Joe" Valdez Peninsula Business Interiors

email: uvaldez@pbifurniture.com