Event Support and Courtyard Use Requests

BSOE Event Support & Use of BSOE Courtyards

BSOE facilities provides very limited support of events for BSOE activities.   Generally we can provide a limited number of folding tables, stacking chairs and a couple of trash cans for small events and we provide guideance on how to conduct an event.   

BSOE facilities does not do event setup/take down nor provide staffing for events.  Our staffing levels do not allow this level of support and our priorities are supporting lab and office infrastructure.   Should your event have an emergency requirement of facilities support, your event will be billed a recharge for time used.

Below are guidelines for events:

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Reserving BSOE Conference & Event Rooms
Reserving BSOE Courtyard Spaces
Tables and Chairs
Events with Food
BBQ and Cooking
Tents - Fire Marshal Approval Needed Greater than 400 sf (20x20)
Restroom Support, Cleaning & Restocking (required for weekend events)
Trash & Recycling
Event Necessary Approvals and Timelines Checklist



Important Notes:   
     Event Holders are responsible for paying the recharge to UCSC Ground Services for additional trash bins and recycling bins for events and to Custodial Services for additional restroom cleaning and stocking.  
     Event Holders are responsible for trash and cardboard hauling to and placement into dumpters located in the E2 NorthWest parking lot and at the JBEB loading dock.  
     Event trash must not be placed in regular trash bins located near the buildings.  Event Holders who do put trash in regular trash bins will be required to return and remove this trash from building trash cans, clean up any messes or will be billed for this service.

Reserving BSOE Conference Rooms and Event Center Spaces (Indoors)
To reserve BSOE Conference and Events Rooms (indoor areas), click here  and complete the web form.

Reserving BSOE Courtyard Spaces
BSOE courtyard spaces are located between Engineering 2 building and Jack Baskin Engineering and the Engineering Audiorium.   Reservations are required for all areas.  We schedule these spaces like conference rooms using Google Calendar; you will receive an invite/confirmation of your event via Google Calendar.

To reserve BSOE Outdoor Event Spaces, click here and complete the web form.

Reserved outdoor areas are defined as:

Courtyard - Plaza area between 1st floor of E2 & JBEB
Auditorium Courtyard - Plaza area between E2 and Engineering Auditorium
E2 Lanai - Outdoor patio area on the 2nd floor of E2 near Engineering Circle Stairs to E2
E2 2nd Floor Walkway - Long partially-covered patio/walkway along the 2nd floor of E2 windows
JBEB 3rd Floor Courtyard - Open courtyard on the east end of JBEB outside the Game Design Labs

BSOE Event Tables & Chairs

See policy below on use of BSOE event tables & chairs.

BSOE Facilities maintains a limited stock of portable tables and stacking chairs.  There are about 10 tables and 50 chairs available at any one time, some of this may already be reserved for small events.
To reserve these for a small event or need, please email: 
         Subject:   Reserve Table/Chairs <Date>
         Body of email:
            Provide the following:
                 -Event name
                 -date and times needed
                 -number of tables and chairs needed
                 -will food be provided (see Event Food for important information)
                 -name and phone number of contact person

Policy on Tables, Chairs and Popup Tent Use

a.   Tables, chairs and popup tent use are reserved for BSOE unit events.   
Other campus units need to make their own arrangements.   Some options include your unit buying your own, renting event requipment from UCSC Recieving Services or renting from Alexis party rental.

b.  All BSOE tables, chairs and popup tents must remain in the Engineering Building areas of Jack Baskin Engineering, Engineering 2, Engineering Auditorium and the Engineering Courtyards.
BSOE event equipment should not be taken to other locations on campus.  The reason why is our equipment has in the past been left behind and/or other locations have decided the BSOE equipment is theirs to keep.   Note that any tent greater than 400 square feet much per State Fire Code must have prior approval & inspections from the UCSC Fire Marshal.

c.   BSOE facilities will only provide access to the equipment.  Facilities does not setup/strike or clean up for your event.
You, the event organizer, need to provide this labor for event setup and striking (take-down).   For some events we can help identify and provide access to staging areas if during business hours.   BSOE facilities can assist you with contacting the appropriate agencies for rentals and support, and putting you in contact with other people who have done events.  Also BSOE facilities needs to know about events so that staging areas can be reserved and deliveries coordinated.

For larger events or non-BSOE events, groups will need to make arrangements to rent tables and chairs.  Organizers of larger events can rent table, chairs, tents and all sorts of accessories from the vendors below.   Note that for tents greater than 400 square feet, a special permit from the campus fire marshal is required.

         UCSC Recieving Services - Event Equipment Rentals
         Complete form at:   https://www.receiving.ucsc.edu/event-equipment-rentals/index.html


         Alexis Party Rental, Inc
         300 Natural Bridges
         Santa Cruz, CA 95060
         (831) 458-6080

For a large event is all you need are tables and chairs, UCSC Recieving Services may be able to provide these for recharge.  

Event Food
Please reference the UCSC EH&S Food Safety web site.  Per campus policies and Santa Cruz County Health Codes, approved catering services must be used, unless the food is pre-packaged.  The EH&S web site has a link to approved catering services.   For small and limited events where staff wish to do it themselves, a UCSC EH&S food permit can be issued, but that requires a 10 business day lead time.  There are strict restrictions on food permits, so make sure you talk to EH&S early to find out if your event qualifies. 

BBQ and Cooking
By UCSC policy, Campus Fire Marshal approves all use of barbecue grills on campus.  See UCSC Campus Barbecue Grill Safety Requirements Page.  
Any event or use of barbecue grills on campus must meet Campus Fire Marshal approvals.   A BBQ Grill Approval Form should be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event.
When grilling on the courtyard brick areas, BSOE requires users to place protection under the grill and on the bricks to protect them from stains and scratching.

Tents and Portable Structures - State Fire Code Requirements
ents that are erected that are greater than 400 square feet are required to be permitted and inspected by the AHJ per California Fire Code.  The UCSC Fire Marshal is the AHJ and must be notified in advance via the speical event application form.   The UCSC Fire Marshall Special Event form much be completed and turned in no later than 10 days before the event.

UCSC Fire Marshal Special Event Application Form
Regulations for Outdoor Gatherings and Event Tests & Membrane Structures - from Office of State Fire Marshal.


Restroom Support and Post Event Cleaning/Restocking
UCSC does not provide for restroom cleaning and restocking after events and come the Monday morning or the next day, if the restrooms have not been cleaned and restocked, faculty, staff and students become very upset.     For all weekend events that will have more than 50 people using the BSOE areas including outdoor spaces, please fund a work order for campus custodial services to unlock, service and restock restrooms.   

       -Engineering 2 1st Floor Mens and Womens Restrooms
       - JBEB 1st Foor Mens and Womens Restrooms
       - Engineering Auditorium Non Gender Restrooms (2 each) *(see note)

*Note:   Event should The gender inclusive restroom (non-gender specific) restroom for the Engineering Courtyard is inside the Engineering Auditorium.   Organizers will need to make prior arrangements to have the Engineering Auditorium unlocked for Events.

If the event includes access to E2 floors 2-5, upper level JBEB floors 2-3, then include those restrooms as well.   

Trash & Recycling
Events are not allowed to use the general trash bins on the courtyard.   Events that use the general trash bins on the courtyard will be recharged by campus grounds for cleanup and emptying the trash bins.

Event orginators and organizers are fully responsible for collecting trash and recycling and ensuring that trash/recycling gets picked up.    Events should provide trash cans.  If the event only needs 1 or 2 trash cans, BSOE facilities can often provide these to you.  If the event is larger and needs more trash cans, a recharge FOAPAL and a work order to campus grounds may be needed.  Note:   If you are ordering pizza, please ensure you separate pizza boxes from trash cans and take them to the dumpters.   Pizza boxes clogg up trash cans and forest animals think they are food and can make a big mess with them. 

Event Necessary Approvals and Timelines Checklist
General Event Checklist
G1.  Notify BSOE Facilities of your event, reserve small numbers of tables & chairs
G2.  Reserve courtyard or location for your event (as early as possible).  Reserve courtyard via BSOE Dean's Office 
G3.  Line up help for setup and clean up for your event (BSOE facilities is not responsible).
G4.  Provide FOAPAL and funding authorization for UCSC Grounds pre-clean and post clean of Courtyard.
G5.  Provide FOAPAL and funding authorization for UCSC custodial to clean and restock restrooms before and after your event.

Food and/or Cooking
F1  Obtain EH&S Food Permit (if using food)  (10 business days prior to event)
See Event Food Notes
F2. Reserve Catering (as early as possible)
F3. Cooking or grilling?   Review grill safety and get Fire Marshal BBQ/Grill approval (min 1 week prior).
See BBQ & Cooking Notes
F4. If University funded, ensure you have entertainment forms completed in advance.

Large Events
L1.   Place order for tables, chairs, tents well in advance.   Make contingency plans for rain.  

Poster Events
P1.   Reserve poster easels well in advance (30 days or more) as demand is often high.