Baskin Engineering Receiving & Shipping

Contact Baskin Engineering Recieving at:
Phone: 831-459-4905
We are located at Jack Baskin Engineering Loading Dock, Basement level Room 40, adjacent to Campus Mail Services.

      **** Coronavirus Shelter In Place - Impact on Campus Deliveries 

All purchases should be directly related to the continuation of essential university business while the shelter-in-place directive is active. If the purchase is not essential, please wait until the directive is lifted before placing your order.


Lab Gas Deliveries

Lab staff need to make arrangements with the gas vendor for delivery to their labs. Please contact in advance BSOE facilities staff (either Tony, James) should you need assistance with the delivery.


Package Deliveries
During the coronavirus shelter-in-place directive, three centralized delivery locations have been established for campus deliveries.


1.  BSOE Receiving, will continue to accept packages with that shipping address (CruzBuy SOERCV)

To arrange pickup at BSOE Receiving, contact:

  • email:
  • Receiving Station at JBEB Loading Dock: 831-459-4905
  • BELS Supervisor: Russ Evans, 831-459-2812 (office)
  • BELS Engineer: Devin Reily, 831-459-3103 (office)

If you cannot reach either staff above, please call BSOE facilities staff:

Tony Sabala at 208-598-2900 (mobile) or James Trent at 408-489-9046 (mobile) 

2.  Thimann Labs Receiving — ***As of October 2020, all shipments for delivery to BioMed, PBSCi, Sinsheimer, or Thimann labs and offices should be addressed to BSOE Receiving using the following address conventions:


  • For US Postal Service (USPS) Deliveries:
    BSOE Recieving, Room 40
    Jack Baskin Engineering Building
    1156 High Street
    Santa Cruz CA. 95064
    In CruzBuy this is shipping address 'SOERCV'

  • For FedEx, UPS, and other carriers:
    Room 40
    Jack Baskin Engineering Building
    606 Engineering Loop
    Santa Cruz CA. 95064

BSOE Facilities will notify all recipients of packages of their delivery via email (RT) that their shipment has arrived or has been placed in their lab or office space. If you have a special requirement for a delivery or want to be notified if a delivery has arrived or has been dropped off in your space, please submit an RT ticket via noting the item, supplier, carrier (if possible), delivery date, and any special instructions.

3.  UCSC Central Receiving  will accept and hold all packages for Departments that are either closed or limited in hours of operations.
This includes all packages delivered by US Postal Service Mail. Missed deliveries to BSOE or Thimann may end up here.
To schedule pickup at Central Receiving, please call (831) 459-2765 or email


========== end of speical COVID19 Delivery Information =======================================================


*** BSOE Receiving Holiday Closures FY2020-2021 ***
Friday, July 3, 2020  - Independance Day Holiday (observed)
Monday, September 7, 2020 - Labor Day Holiday
Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - Veterans' Day Holiday 
Thursday-Friday November 26-27, 2020 - Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
Monday, December 21, 2020 to January 3, 2021, Reopening Monday January 4, 2021 (Campus Closure)
See above web page for closure dates. Be sure to schedule equipment and material deliveries to avoid these dates.Take special care to schedule all shipments with environmental constraints (i.e., cold or frozen shipments) to avoid ANY possibility of delivery on these dates.     


BSOE BELS Receiving is located on the basement level of Jack Baskin Engineering, Room 40, which is adjacent to the loading dock. Overnight FedEx Envelopes, US Postal Service deliveries and some other small package deliveries for Mail Stops SOE2, SOE3 should be delivered to instructional support in Engineering 2 Room 298.   

Jack Baskin Enginering Loading Dock

Jack Baskin Engineering Building Receiving

All Hazardous Materials shipments from UCSC and off-campus UCSC sites must be done by UCSC EH&S Division Shipping. Failure to comply can result in significant Civil and Criminal penalities: 

Radioactive material may only be shipped to PBsci Recieving at Thimann Laboratory Building. PBSci will receive it and with EH&S Radiation Safety process the incoming shipment.  Failure to comply can result in signficant penalities.

Deliveries/Receiving -

What Packages & Large Deliveries

FedEx Overnight Envelopes 
United States Postal Service (see note)
UCSC Mail Stops SOE2, SOE3

Address <<< To person name & their phone number >>>
Jack Baskin School of Engineering
University of California Santa Cruz
Jack Baskin Engineering Bldg Room 40
606 Engineering Loop
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

<<< To person name & their phone number >>>
Jack Baskin School of Engineering
University of California Santa Cruz
1156 High Street, Mail Stop (see below)
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

BSOE Mail Stops are:  
SOE1 - Dean's Office, JBEB 335
SOE2 - 2nd Floor E2 Mail Room
SOE3 - 3rd Floor E2 Mail Room


Gregorio Martinez
Located in JBEB Room 40
Basement Level
(831) 459-4905

Teri Robin
Located in Engineering 2 Room 298
2nd Floor
(831) 459-4873

Backup Russ Evans or BELS Staff
Located in JBEB Room 66 & 40
(831) 459-2812

Leah Kahn
Located in Engineering 2 Room 298
(831) 459-1396

2nd Backup Tony Sabala
located in JBEB Room 399C
(831) 459-5710
(208) 598-2900 cell

Leah Kahn
Located in Engineering 2 Room 298
(831) 459-1396

Supervisor Peter Minogue
Located in JBEB Room 349
(831) 459-3794

Leah Kahn
Located in Engineering 2 Room 298
(831) 459-1396

 Note:  United States Postal Service (USPS) only delivers to UCSC Campus Mail Services 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064.   For on campus delivery of USPS mail, a campus mail stop is needed. Typical Mail Stops for BSOE are  SOE1 - Dean's office,  SOE2 - 2nd floor mailroom E2,  SOE3 - 3rd floor mailroom of E2.  If your shipping sends via USPS, chances are your letter or package will wind up at E2-298 rather than in JBEB 40.

Detailed Delivery Information (pdf file) This file provides maps and detailed information on deliveries to JBEB & E2 buildings.

Below is a table listing various BSOE sites and how deliveries are handled. Most small non-hazmat deliveries should go to BSOE/BELS (Baskin Engineering Lab Support) Receiving located in Room 40 of Jack Baskin Engineering Building (JBEB). In CruzBuy this delivery location is coded SOERCV (can be made a default or preferred address in "User Profile" settings.).


Small NonHazardous
Material Shipments

Large Item Shipments
(Large, Heavy, Pallets)

Hazardous Materials except
No Radioactive Material
See Note (a)

Gas Cylinders  

Jack Baskin
Engineering Building

ship to BELS Recieving
JBEB Room 40
CruzBuy Code SOERVC
ship to Lab via JBEB-40
Coordinate delivery with
BSOE facilities & shipper
ship to SOERVC
(no radioactive)
Ship diretly to lab.
Empty pickups in BE-202
Engineering 2
ship to BELS Recieving
JBEB Room 40
CruzBuy Code SOERVC
ship to Lab via JEBE-40
Coordinate delivery with
BSOE facilities & shipper
no HPM allowed no gas allowed  
Physical Sciences Building
ship to BELS Recieving
JBEB Room 40
CruzBuy Code SOERVC
should not occur.  PSB are offices no HPM allowed
in BSOE areas of PSB
no gas allowed
in BSOE areas of PSB
BioMedical Sciences Building

Ship to Lab
ship to BELS Recieving
JBEB Room 40
CruzBuy Code SOERVC

ship to Lab via BioMed Loading Dock 
Coordinate delivery with
BSOE facilities & shipper
ship to SOERVC. Ship Directly to lab.
Empty cylinders placed in loading dock area
2300 Delaware Building C

ship to BELS Recieving
JBEB Room 40
CruzBuy Code SOERVC

ship to Lab via Delaware Buiding C loading dock
Coordinate delivery with local lab staff,
request assistance from BSOE facilities 4 days prior if needed.
ship to lab. 
Do not ship HazMat for Delaware labs to campus
Ship Directly to lab.
Empty cylinders located in labs

UCSC Silicon Valley Campus
3175 Bowers Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95054

may ship to BELS Recieving
JBEB Room 40
CruzBuy Code SOERVC
Coordinate with Silicon Valley Campus Operations Manager and BSOE Facilities staff. HazMat not allowed
at Silicon Valley Campus
Gas Cylinders not allowed
at Silicon Valley Campus

(a) Radioactive material may only be shipped to PBsci Recieving at Thiemann Laboratory Building. PBSci will recieve it and with EH&S Radiation Safety process the incoming shipment.
(b) UCSC Silicon Valley relocated to 3175 Bowers Ave starting in Mid-April of 2016.

BSOE BELS Receiving is located just off the loading dock for JBEB at the West End basement level. A phone is available just left of the JBEB Room 40 door. When given adequate notice, we will meet delivery vehicle and record the condition of goods received.

Big Truck Stuck at JBEB Loading Dock

Large Item Purchases - Please talk with Facilities Before Ordering

BEFORE ordering anything of size or weight, such as laser tables, freezers, large lab equipment, please email BSOE facilities at:

This is to help ensure the equipment can be allowed into the building, that it will fit into elevators, through door ways and that infrastructure needed for it (e.g. power, water, gas, air) will be in place. Please note that research groups are generally responsible for lab alterations (including conversion of power outlets to 208V). If the item is too heavy, too big or simply not allowed by the Fire Marshall, you will be fully responsible for the return.

BEWARE: Shipments of Hazardous Materials (where you are the shipper) - Federal Civil and Crimial Penalities if done incorrectly

Caution: If shipping hazardous materials, include anything with lithium batteries, dry ice, biological samples or other hazardous materials, you must have EH&S prepare the shipment.  This is to ensure accordance with United States Department of Transportation Requirements and other legal requirements. Failure to do this may result in a large fines and criminal penalities. 

As of 5/20/14, UC has a new online training module for anyone who may be involved in Hazardous Material Shipments.  
This training can be found at UC Learning Certer as "Hazardous Materials Shipping (General Awareness)" 
ecourse code;  UCLOL0003-UC-ECO.

Caution: Do not have Hazardous Materials shipped to locations at UCSC and then expect be able to transport the material elsewhere. UCSC does not have licensing and equipment for Hazardous Material Transport. If you need chemicals and other supplies that are hazardous, please have them shipped directly to your location.

If off-site and shipping back to UCSC, you need to have an approved US Department of Transportation Hazmat Shipper do the packing and shipping. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure all DOT and FAA requirements are met. Failure to meet all requirements, including documentation could result in the package being destroyed and heavy fines to UCSC which may pass the fines to you.

Hazardous shipments require special packing, handling and documentation for truck and air freight shipments. Failure to follow proper protocols has resulted in vehicle and aircraft damage, crashes and deaths. Thus DOT and the FAA monitor and regulate shipping very closely and will heavily fine organizations that do not adhere strictly to shipping requirements of hazardous materials. Contact UCSC EH&S well in advance should you need to ship any hazardous materials.

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