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Ergonomic Evaluations

UCSC Ergonomics Program

BSOE Facilities partners closely with UCSC EH&S to provide ergonomics support. Click on the above link for detailed information on the program.

Ergonomic evaluations are available, and all employees are encouraged to have their workstation evaluated.  Evaluations are conducted by UCSC Trained Departmental Ergonomics Assessors. BSOE has several listed below. Costs for equipment and workstation adjustments are often partially subsidized by campus resources when an official ergnomic evaluation is properly conducted and a request made.

BSOE ergonomic evalation Process and Making Workstation Changes

Step1: Setup a ticket in BSOE Facilities system
Subject Line: Request Ergonomic Assessment for  <your name > <your office location>
Body: I request an ergonomic assessment. If you feel comfortable and are ok about disclosing, you can tell us if there are any current difficulties or issues that we should concentrate on. We want to act with higher priority on any current problems.

Subject Line: Request Ergonomic Assessment for <your name> <your location>
Body: I request an ergonomic assessment. My wrist and back occasionally hurt from sitting and typing for 16 hours a day.

Step 2: Complete the UC Ergonomic Online Course
Login to UC Learning Center - Launch Page, search for the training below and complete the online course.  Please send us the record of completion which is needed so that the School can get partial reimbursement of ergonomic expenses.

Ergonomic Assessment and Training Module  SC-EHS-EATM0263-ECO  

If you use a computer more than 4 hrs a day or 20 hours a week, this online course is highly recommened. This eCourse will help you assess your workstation and train you on ergonomic considerations.

Step 3: Schedule an Ergonomic Assessment from one of the Department Ergonomic Assessors
Via the RT ticket, schedule an inperson visit from one of the BSOE departmental ergonomic assessors.
BSOE Departmental Ergonomic Assessors
Scott Lupo
Tony Sabala
Ben Coffey

Step 4: (Optional)  Visit the Ergonomics Show-Room
The Department Ergonomic Assessor may recommend that you visit the campus ergonomics show room and meet with the campus ergnomicist.  

Step 5: BSOE Facilities Staff Order Equipment and Install
Depedending upon circumstances, BSOE facilities staff will order and install and make adjustments to workstations. Each case is unique and some may require a few adjustments and corrections before the station is complete

Step 6: BSOE Facilities Staff Submit Request for Reimbursement via the Be Smart About Saftey Program
BSOE facilities staff submit forms requesting partial Department reimbursement for workstation equipment bought to meet individual UCSC personnel needs. 

Speech Recognition Workstations

The Disability Resource Center has speech recognition workstations in collaboration with the EOP Learning Center. They are located in the Academic Resources Center (ARCenter), which is near the Music building and the Theater.

The Academic Resources Center

The ARCenter

The Disability Resource Center can also assist students with disabilities in using the equipment, and becoming familiar with the software. Contact the Disability Resource Center for more information.

One other such workstation exists at Cowell College. UCSC Instructional Computing has equipped the Cowell Lab with an Adaptive Technology Room. Contact the Disability Resource Center to schedule these workstations.

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